Secure Payment Policy

Secure Payment Policy

      With the determination to deliver a standardized, safe and stable payment system, our secure payment company never stops developing a system that has the potential to be ready to support the use in accordance with the safety standards in various dimensions as follows:

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) 128 Bit

      Any process involving credit card payments will be conducted securely, by which the information will be sent directly to the bank to process the payment. Our system will not store any of your credit card information after the purchase has been completed.

      SSL Certificates is an electronic security certification mark. Issued or approved by the CA (Certificate Authority) as a standard for encrypting data between a web visitor machine or a client and our server. Its primary purpose is to prevent identity theft. Which may want to steal credit card information Or any personal information We are one of the few companies that has received Extended Validation (EV) SSL Certificates approved when activated by different browsers. Will have a green bar appear And clearly indicate the company name Build confidence for customers as well.


Verified by VISA and MasterCard SecureCode

      The system checks every item in the order. Because it takes into account the safety of the merchants in doing business online as the main Our team has developed a risk calculation system for internal use. The IP address will be calculated. Credit card information, country groups, and many other factors are scored so our staff can check each order for potential risks. In the event that the calculation system is issued and the inspector is of the opinion that such an order may have been made by the criminals, our staff will notify the restraint. The item is given to the store for the store to double check. This is to prevent the damage that will happen to the shop.

Monitoring System

      Our secure payment systems can accept credit card payments entirely online. With major network credit cards, including VISA, MasterCard, JCB, Thai Union Pay and American Express, which currently these credit cards With additional safety precautions It has a different name: VISA is called Verified By VISA (VBV) and MasterCard is called MasterCard SecureCode, that is, after the credit card number has been entered. An additional credit card password will be requested. Which if that credit card There is a password set. It will greatly reduce the problem of credit card theft for other expenditures. And likewise For American Express credit cards, although there is no system for entering the credit card password. It has a system for checking the address of the cardholder Which is also a form of safety measure


      Our secure payment systems is guaranteed with PCI DSS Version 3.2.1 security standard. Secure payment card industry information defined by credit card brands. Global networks (Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, and Discover help protect against card data usage and reduce spending fraud.