Product Usage Terms and Conditions

Product Usage Terms and Conditions

Recommendations Before Use

As the iMOVE patient transfer chair is designed for use in a variety of areas in a wide range of situations, customers should also be aware and have a complete understanding of how it works, i.e. restrictions and conditions on the use of the iMOVE wheelchair, as well as the patients’ health conditions under which the iMOVE should not be used.



     1. Place of Use



1.1 The height of the bed or sofa must be at least 43 cm., but not higher than 60 cm., as it is compatible to the adjustable height of the iMOVE . The base of the bed or sofa should also have a gap of at least 12 cm. in order for the iMOVE to be able to maneuver into.


1.2 The height of the chair or sofa that the customer wants to move the patient to, should have the same height as the bed. The height of the bed should also be slightly higher than the toilet bowl by at least 2-10 cm., in order to enable the iMOVE to maneuver smoothly without any obstructions.


1.3 The surface of the bed or sofa that needs to utilize the iMOVE should be smooth, i.e. not too soft or sunken. If the seat or mattress is too soft, it is advisable to use an extra cushion, which can also be purchased from the company.


1.4 There should be at least 40 cm. of space to the left and right side of the wheelchair, in order to enable the iMOVE to open and close conveniently to lift the patient. For example, if you want to move the patient from the bed to the wheelchair, the armrests should be able to open on both sides, and no large rear wheels that would impede both sides of the seat, in order to effectively use the iMove to move the patient.


1.5 The area for maneuvering the iMOVE should be smooth and even, and free from obstacles. Uneven surface heights should not be more than 1 inch.



   2. Patient’s health



2.1 After the caregiver has transferred the patient to the wheelchair, the patient should be able to balance themselves independently on their own, as the patient has to be moved slightly to the left and right while positioning themselves onto the iMOVE securely. If the patient is unable to independently balance themselves, it is advisable to have another caretaker to provide additional support.



2.2 The patient should be able to hold on to the handle of the wheelchair in order to prevent themselves from swaying. If the patient is too weak to do so, it is recommended to use a support strap to secure the patient.



2.3 For obese or over-sized patients, we suggest that the patient’s seat should be measured to ensure that it is approximately the same size as the seat of the iMOVE. The width of the iMOVE seat is 49 cm., and the distance between both sides of the armrests is 41 cm. The iMOVE can be used suitably if the width of the chair that the patient is currently using is similar in size.



2.4 Patients must not tense or resist when in the process of being moved.


*Products are not returnable in the event that the customer can not use the product in accordance as stated in this Product Usage Product Usage Terms & Conditions.